Donut Hole Trail

The Donut Hole Trail is one of the most remote trails in Pennsylvania. It is 90 miles from Jerico PA to Ferrandsville PA, roughly paralleling the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. Note that there is no parking along Jerico Road in the west so you need to find a place on 120. Another key note is that the Donut Hole Trail and the STS (Susquehanna Trail System) are the same trail from Porter Branch in the west, down Long Hollow to Twelvemile Road and then on to Fork Hill Road where the STS heads North and the Donut Hole heads South. We had an old DCNR map so we bushwhacked up Calamity Hollow, down Greenlick Road and over Mix Trail. There was no trail over two ridges. Follow the STS reroute!

PA DCNR Trail Site for the Donut Hole Trail

Camp, Bearfield Hollow
Camp, Plateau E of Kettle Creek SP